Communication in the context of congenital deafblindness: 
10 years of studies
How knowledge and practice develop

On November 15, 16 and 17 2016 the Deafblind International Communication Network and the Department of Special Needs Education and Youth Care organize an international conference at the University of Groningen to mark the 10th anniversary of the Masters in Communication and Deafblindness. 
The conference will focus on topics related to the master studies and on new topics. It will address more specifically the domains of:
- Dialogicality
- Embodiment
- Language and deafblindness
- Development of knowledge and practice 
- Tools and methods in analyzing complex communication processes
As in previous conferences participants will be able to attend: 
- Plenary lectures of scientists not related to the field of deafblindness
- Plenary lectures of members of the DbI Communication Network
- Video analysis workshops