Tuesday 15 November
 Time   Presenter   Title 
 13:30  Charlotte & Sonja  van de Molengraft (NL)  Acquired deafblindness and its influences on identity construction

 Marga Martens  (NL)  Fostering affective involvement between people who are congenitally  deafblind and their communication partners

 Jonathan Reid (GB)  Towards an aesthetic praxis: An exploration of creativity within a  deafblind/non-deafblind dyad.

 Annika Johanessen (NO)  How can we observe the expressions of agency during conversations  between persons with congenitally deafblindness (cdb) and their partners
 14:45  Rita Gerkema- Nijhof (NL)  Expressions of agency in storytelling with a multi-sensory method.

 Sue-Lane Wood (CA)  Exploring the intervenor role through dialogicality 
   Jacky Smith (GB)  The application of communication theory to find out what is important in the  lives of people who have complex communication support needs.
   Marga Leefkens (NL)  The role of vision and touch in joint attention and congenital deafblindness
    Wednesday 16 November
 Time  Presenter  Title
 13:30   Emilie Strom (DK)  The body as meaning creating 
   Kari Scholl Brede (NO)  Joint attention; tactile language development and meaning making in  meaningful and shared activities.
   Goran Andreas  Gregor Caspian  Forsgen (NO)  Recycling of meaning constructions in the process of sign construction based  on the exploration of the form and function of objects. 
   Dominique Spriet (FR)  Graphic and tactile supports as part of the conversation and meaning  construction between people with congenital deafblindness and their  social  partners 
 14:45  Carolyn Monaco (CA)   Intervener program for people with deafblindness in Canada 
    Vula Ikonomidis &  Shirley Maia (BR)  Services for people with deafblindness at Ahimsa in Brazil  
   Helle Buelund  Selling  & Anne Søbye (DK)  Transfer – How can action research support transfer and organizational  development?
 Ingrid Korenstra (NL)
 ‘Outoor activities'
    Thursday 17 November 
 Time  Presenter  Title
 13:30   Kirsten Schou (NO)  Embodied cognition and communication: Recycling with difference 
   Eija Lundqvist (NO)  The moving body creating meaning in space and time 
   Saskia Damen (NL)   Intersubjectivity; attunement and meaning making in conversations between  people with congenitally deafblindness and their social partners 
   Kirsten Wolthuis (NL)  Intersubjectivity; monitoring communication development between students  with congenital deafblindness and their teachers